Personal Mentorship

Learn to be the creatress of your life again - with your personal co-creative mentorship
You can change your feeling in any minute of your life. As your personal mentor, i make your way easier until you can walk it yourself again.
Your process
  • Soul Warmth Session

    Budget and Milestones

Let me help you
  • Need more information about budget and schedule? I am happy to give you more details and guidance. First 30 minutes consultation is for free. Get in touch! Blessings.

Mother Soul Support

Becoming a mother is one of the greatest adventures. You do not have to do it alone.
You grow into being a mother. As your personal co-creative counselor i assist you on this very unique way of becoming you – as mother.
Your process
  • Into your pregnancy - adventure, hardship, blessing
    Planning your motherhood
    Your budget and process schedule

Let me help you
  • I am working together with skilled midwives and am happy to guide you through the ocean of your pregnancy - keeping the focus on YOU becoming a mother. First 30 minutes of Mother Soul Support consultation are always for free.

Ceremony Work

Know who you are - and live it. Acknowledge it, honour it, bless it.
Stepping into the knowledge of our ancestors gives us the strength and wisdom to take loving responsibilty for ourselves, our beloved ones and for mother earth.
Your ceremony
  • What do you need? - Wishing with your heart
    Soul ceremony


Let me help you
  • A ceremony for your life changing moments? That is a courageous decision. Blessings. Contact me for all details. First 30 minutes of planning are always for free.