Personal Mentorship

Learn to be the creatress of your life again - with your personal co-creative mentorship

Coaching for you: Be the active creatress of your life

Why do you think you need a coaching?

Are you running around in life feeling devastated, and at the wrong spot, in the wrong time?

Does life feel too much sometimes? Do you feel disconnected – from others, from nature, from yourself?


Is there a longing in you, deep down, to feel satisfied, content and in flow with life?

Learn how to feel more

  • loved
  • safe
  • connected
  • powerful
  • ambitious
  • capable
  • peaceful
  • in full flow of your beautiful life

Feeling as the victim in many situations does not serve you and the bright light of your soul.

We find ourselves too often in conscious or unconscious waiting positions, disappointments grow, frustration rises. Not only do we feel bad, we also tend to create even more problems rather than solutions.

As your personal mentor, i accompy you in your life decisions, may it be daily may it be life-changing. From victim to powerful creatress – it is not big stair to climb – it is a leap to make: A leap into trust and selflove. My full set of wisdom based on breath release work, meditation skills, presencing (sensing the presence) and co-creative coaching methods will assist you on this journey. You can change your feeling in any minute of your life. As your personal mentor, i make your way easier until you can walk it yourself again.

Your bonus:

  • 30 minutes Soul Warmth Session
  • 3 monthes Soul Creation Mentorship
  • 7 Personal Soul Mentor Sessions – Every 2nd week
  • Easy Skype Session – Accompying you in your every day life
  • Clear schedule – Adjusted to your personal needs
  • Supervision Session