Mother Soul Support

Becoming a mother is one of the greatest adventures. You do not have to do it alone.

Mother Soul Support

You are pregnant. Not only does your body change – your soul changes with it. You grow into being a mother. You might not know what that means yet, but you sure feel the wave of change rolling on. As your personal co-creative counselor i assist you on this very unique way of becoming you – as mother.

  • Regain a sense for your instincts
  • Trust your deeper body and soul knowledge
  • Relax into all changes that are parts of your journey

Mother earth wisdom, medicine woman rituals, roots meditation, authentic breath release add to the co-creative counseling.

Your Bonus:

  • 30 minutes Soul Warmth Session
  • up to 12 monthes individual Mother Soul Support Mentorship
  • Mother Earth Meditation Tools
  • Easy Skype Session – Accompying you in your every day life
  • Clear schedule – Adjusted to your personal needs
  • Supervision Session

Please acknowledge: The counselling does not replace medical and/or therapeutical support.