Ceremony Work

Know who you are - and live it. Acknowledge it, honour it, bless it.

Make your life a ceremony:

Turning points in your life – acknowledge yourself, celebrate yourself, honour yourself

In these modern times, we often have forgotten to acknowledge the steps we make in becoming the women that we are. We just make them – often negleting the influence and power these ancient steps of becoming a woman have for us.

In ceremony we get into contact with mother earth and our ancestrial lines again. This connection is important if we want to live a fulfilled and conscious life. In ceremony, healing can take place. We simply remember. The knowledge runs in our blood. We are all natives to this planet. Our ancestors have lived in the tides of moon, sea, sun and earth. Stepping into their knowledge gives us the strength and wisdom to take action for ourselves and our beloved ones.


  • Blossom Up – First Mens, for girls
  • From Seed to Flower – Mother&Child Blessing, for mothers
  • Being the Crone – Wisdom Blessing/Last Mens Blessing, for women after last mens
  • Full Moon / New Moon Circles