In every heart there is a room

A tale about the sanctuary within you

There is a song and it goes like this:

In every heart there is a room – a sanctuary safe and strong – to heal the wounds of lovers past – until a new one comes along.

It’s Billy Joel who has sung this melodramatic kitsch song. Piano and everything. Still, the lyrics have always made me feel safe. In heartbreak or not. There is something intensely beautiful about imagining this sacred room inside the own heart.

Lovers can come and sometimes they go. Heartbreak can come and go and we stand in the middle of it. We might feel as if we would like to pass on the stick of everyday life to someone else and just take a break, but too often that is not possible. We find ourselves in struggle or pain or exhaustion. We can be hurt even if noone is around that has hurt us. Sometimes pain can be old and stingy and unexplainable. If you know what i am talking about – please, put your hands on your heart and breathe. Feel your space. Protected and chrystal clear. There is a room inside your heart and it is a sanctuary. It is your safe spot.

Let’s find it now

So. Put one hand on your heart. Put both your hands on your heart. Do it now. Noone is watching. Come on! There is no nonsense about the human touch and your heart can feel your own hand as magic as the hand of a dear friend. So breathe into this heart of yours. Imagine your sacred space inside your heart. Feel it? You can close your eyes for some time and just breathe into it. Feel its safety. Noone can harm it. It is safe. You are safe.

Okay, you can open your eyes again 🙂 This is what happens to me whenever i sing this corny love song: On the bike, in the bathtub, on the street – if i cannot feel anything like safety, i still can imagine my heart hears me and is smart enough to listen to myself even if my mind does not. It gives me HOPE.

The power of hope

So sometimes we simply have to rely on HOPE. We go through fear and loss and loneliness, relying on the hope that there is a room inside of us that is so strong that it will get us through the hard times.

As it goes, and i can prove this fact, too often we can only feel our sanctuary when looking back. When we have gone through hell and have survived we finally can acknowledge that we possess a safe spot, a sacred space that stays unharmed, always. That is full of joy and hope and love. We understand that it was not closed up and walled in. That it always was and always will be a sacred space with an open door. A swinging door that moves as we breathe in and out.

So. If you are smack in the middle of it, if you are just over or long over, or feel it is just ahead again – the crazy time of not knowing, of questioning everything: Put a hand on your heart, no, put both your hands on your heart and feel the gift of your heart, it was given to you by birth, it is a present, and feel your sanctuary. Feel your safe spot. You are safe. Always.


Where is my safe spot?

Too lost to find anything? A safe way to find the safe spot within is always a female soul session. You get the help you need immediately. Breathe and body release, Presencing (Sensing the presence), meditation and transformational mental strength empowerment included.

Have a personal question? Please always feel free to ask me and contact me directly. Love. Always. Maren.

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