Simply and silently saying yes – to life

My friends said yes. And i was not there. Was i in New Zealand? In Senegal, in Chiang Mai? Well, no, i was just right around the corner. More or less.

I was there to help in beforehand. But in the last minutes when packing up for church i came out to climb into the car but everyone was gone. Life is like that sometimes.

So. I have heard that their YES must have been more than beautiful. Bride and broom both did an excellent job. Both are actors, both know what they are doing, but still. They were both surprised by their simple and clear YES.

This makes me so curious! How do you simply and easily and clearly say YES? To the beloved other. To yourself. To life?

Those two did it.

All wedding guests could not stop talking about the YES when they returned. And i had the honour to ask the broom how it was. And for this beautiful face, for his smile, his shining eyes, his deep happiness – it was actually worthwhile to not have been to the ceremony itself. Because i would not have asked. And he would not have answered.

He told me. That it is exciting. And awesome. And scary. And good. And easy. And not so easy. And free. And just really really  beautiful.

So pretty much how you imagine it to be, right?

The way he told me how it was, i could almost hear them saying it in my heart. The YES sounded incredible.

To say YES. Simple and easy and clear. YES.

We do not have to be loud to do that. Not all guests need to hear. Important is, the right one hears it. Important is that we hear it. Those two have heard each other. And yes, i think that is utterly beautiful, how corny it may sound.

Is it me making it up or is it quite something these days – in our society, in our century – to say YES to each other?

Because: These two do not only say YES to their sunny days. They say YES to the snoring (my personal nightmare!). They say YES to being awake all night, to worries, to fights, to mistakes, to being sad, to find solutions, to keep up, to closing doors, to opening doors, to get through. These two have two kids already. They know (kind of) what they are saying YES to.

I must say i find that pretty impressive. And absolutely couragous. And very much necessary these days. I feel we have to say YES again and again. Every day. To us. To the other. To life.

Let’s be honest: It can be crazy scary to say YES to this life. This life means heartbreak, loneliness, losses, death. There are no securities in this life. No insurances. Still, it is worthwhile. Because there also are sunsets and oceans and kisses and hugs and mountains and friends and smiles and stars in this life. There are songs and pillows and chocolate in this life. There is love in this life.

We have to take the courage to truely say YES to it all. To say YES to ourselves.

Joseph Beuys, a german artist, once gave a good advice: Make little signs that say YES and put them everywhere in your home.

To remember.

And John Lennon told how he fell in love with Yoko: He went to the exhibition of this young artist (her) and there was a ladder in a white room. When he climbed up the ladder, he found a small word in black on the ceiling: YES. Later he said, if there stood NO, he would have left immediately. The YES made him wanting to get to know her immediately.

This is what can happen with a YES.

YES, YES, and YES. To all unanswered questions, to all catastrophes, to all tears, to all wonderful, monumental, small, horrible, stupid, touching moments of our lives. In Berlin, in New Zealand, Senegal, Chiang Mai. Everywhere. YES. Hooray!

Love. Always.*


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