A day at the ocean can change everything

Letting go of beautiful plans can be the hardest thing. You have seen it all in your mind. The holidays. The picknick. The evening filled with love. Now – everyone just has to behave in the way you have imagined it. But often, too often, actually almost every time, people do not act the way we have imagined them to. Happened to often to me.

Happened like this: Planning a holiday and a week before we fly the one i am going with cancels. Not because of me. Because of life and all the things that call us from a core point within us. He needed to change plans. My plans. WHAT?

I really did not like it. Honestly, i completely disagreed. I felt uncomfortable. I felt neglected. I felt not valued. Wow.

I yelled, i argued, i jumped around for three hours. I was really angry. Because i felt i could not do anything about it.

How often do we feel like something happens to us and we just cannot do a godamn thing about it. Holidays being here the smallest of all examples. We cannot change it, no matter how much we yell.

So – what to do? What to do with discomfort. The neglection. What to do with this feeling of unworthiness. The sadness.

This time i was so blown off with the news, i just did not know what to do. The only thing i knew was that i wanted to feel good rather than horrible. So i did the only thing i could still think of. I surrendered. I let go of knowing it better. And i gave a little space to the possibility that maybe it was all taken care of in the best way to imagine and that it was for my best even if i did not get it right away. I could not give it big space. Just a tiny little bit. But guess what? That little space was absolutely enough.

Some magic lies within giving up to know better. Some relief.

So. I stepped out of my drama. Took a look what I REALLY NEEDED. Made a step back to look at the bigger picture. Honestly, i could not make out what the bigger picure was. I just had to trust the bigger picture. I started to trust the silent decisions rather than the big drama.

What i really understood was that i just had this need, deep down, this need to be at the ocean. So, the ocean is not so far away from Hamburg. It is actually quite near. So i let go of big plans of holidays at the ocean and in the sun. And allowed myself a small plan. A small plan to go to the ocean nearby. Not always considering the holiday the thing to have, the faraway place the place to be, the life of others the life to have. I surrendered to my life. And to the Nordsee as the ocean to be close to.

So i invited to go there.

And that was it. The magic of life graced us with a day of complete and joyful beauty. We were relaxed. The sun was shining like crazy. We went to the sauna looking out at the ocean. We went jumping in the cold salty water. We lived in love. We hugged. And more. I was blissed out. I was truely happy for a gem of a day. I felt blessed. And within me still lies the still and beautiful knowing that this all came out of my surrender. My letting go of my perfect plans and of me letting life happen. My being still and listen to what was really needed.

To jump into the cold salty water in the sun, naked, free – i felt reborn. Sometimes it is that easy. I felt like all my worries, the unworthiness, the feeling of neglection could wash away. I could die happy in the sea. Because it feels so true. It feels raw. It feels real. I feel real. Alive and jumping and enough. The ocean makes everything special.

So if you ever again – and i know the day comes soon enough – feel not right, feel down, feel worn out or just simply sad.

Take yourself to the next set of water.

A day at the ocean can change everything. The ocean gives you back your beauty, your aliveness, your gratitude for being alive. There is no sun needed for this. No other person. The ocean is like a big great mother who slaps our butt and cheers us up in love to live on. Wait – am i projecting? – Maybe, yes. Maybe the ocean is just a big bowl of salt water with some strong currents and huge waves in it you better do not mess around with. This also is true. No doubt about it.

But she also is a purifier and life giver and by the way my life saver. Again and again. So today, i say thank you, Mama Ocean. You rock. Does not matter what they call you. And however much they polluted you – you still give me this tremendous joy, this freedom and cleansing. I thank you. For all the days in my life, when spending a day with you has saved my day, my nerves, my love, my life.

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