I am not the one knowing what is best for you.


You are the light of your soul.

Then why FEMALE SOUL COACHING? Because life can be a mess. There are troubles behind or ahead, pledges, needs we have to fulfill, plans we have to accomplish. In this fast developing times it is easy to forget what we really need. Or we can still feel it, but push it aside. We work. We function. We toughen up. And we loose our swing. Our joy. Our vivid vibration. - Know what i am talking about?

Guess what? You cannot get solutions from the same state of mind where the problems have arised from (well, that wasn't me, that was Albert Einstein saying that). Means? If you want to find an answer to your problems - partner trouble, job exhaustion, kids that drive you mad -  you have to come into another state of mind and being to be able to truely change something about it. To take the step from complaining to creating. So this is where i come in. Because that sounds easier than it often is.

I am here to help you to stop for a moment - and to be like the sky again.

To take this precious moment to feel what you really need. To take off the layers of all must and should to see what is at your core. Because when you are in your heart - you will know what the next step is. How to lovingly communicate. How to let go and to let yourself be truely you.

From this point of SELFLOVE and SELFTRUST you can act in a very different manner. And that will cause all kind of new and easier responses to you.

Easy as it is.

Since 2010 i accompy people to shine their light. Since 2013 i coach nationwide and internationally. I accompy especially women to gain access to their female free and swinging soul again. In full contact with it, they can walk in their female power, clarity and love again. They become the leaders of their life again - instead of running after other peoples demands.

You are the powerful creatress of your life. Become the leader of your life again! Let it be joyful and trustfull and worthy!


Personal Mentorship

Learn to be the creatress of your life again - with your personal co-creative mentorship


Mother Soul Support

Becoming a mother is one of the greatest adventures. You do not have to do it alone.


Ceremony Work

Know who you are - and live it. Acknowledge it, honour it, bless it.



I work with breath work, meditation, presencing (sensing the presence) and co-creative counselling. For more details request a free consultation. Thank you from my heart!

What do you need?

What does slumber in your heart? Voice it. Confusing as it might be. We get some clarity into this. Promise.

On the way already

Family topics might come up. No worries, we can go through it together.

Clear the way

We consider your needs and schedule for the walk ahead. Adjusted to your life, we walk it step by step. You will see, it will become easier in time.


After your counselling you always have the possibility to come back to me - if it may only be for one session, may it be for a new topic in your ever changing life. Blessings.


As you know best what is wrong, even if you do not know yet what is best - let me help in clarifying and changing your life circumstances to the better. Contact me and we will find out what the next steps are. You are not alone in this. Believe me.


I discovered the coaching of Maren Hoff in a very challenging time of my life. Through her sensitive and wise access i could rediscover my strength. After each session i could immediately feel the positive changes and i was able to deeply implement the positive tools in my life. Maren Hoff has the gift to see instantly old thinking habits and patterns of behaviour that are not helpful and to assist on finding new pathways. She helped me to rediscover myself as strong and amazing woman and to enjoy my life. I now know, how profound her coaching effects my life because i can feel the positive vibes and processes every day. Her alternative and solution-oriented style is always mind- and soul-opening.

Judith Geier, Sütirol


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